Stretching advice

Dance Spirit is always so on point. This is an article that they posted where they got advice or testimonials rather from dancers about stretching. The information and advice that they give is sensational. After reading this I know exactly what I need to do and what I need to stop doing. Thank you so… Read More Stretching advice

Song of the week

Hey everyone. I hope that you’re all having a fantastic Tuesday. Anywho, this is the song I have chosen for the “Song of the week.”  I discovered this song last week on SYTYCD and since then I have been obsessed with it (I’m completely obsessed with Beyonce’s part) I really want to choreograph a little… Read More Song of the week

Yasss of the week

I actually have two this week! #shocker. These two mini group routines were performed this week on SYTYCD. Sonya and Travis had two completely different routines but they were both brilliant. I can’t stop watching them. So in celebration of National Dance Day, LOVE THIS WITH ME!! Enjoy!