Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend because I surely did ( I turned 22. HOLLA) but transitioning back to dancing is really taking a lot out of me. Yesterday we did hip hop and then a little bit of contemporary and today was ballet, and even though it was refreshing to dance and sweat away this past weekend’s birthday festivities, class these past two days have kicked my butt! I’m really sore. The worst part about it is that I’m going to Houston on Thursday to celebrate my birthday (again) so I’m missing class for the rest of the week. The next time I’m going to be in class in next Monday so it’s going to be the same thing (extra sore Keith. What is my life?)  See, if I had my wish I would dance everyday and not get sore at all. *sigh* If only….

OK so I finally got around to listening to Sam Smith’s “new”CD (and by listening I mean hearing little samples of each song on iTunes) and OMG this CD is amazing! It’s a breath of fresh air. Each some just resonated with me and his voice….MY GOD!!!!!AMAZING!!!!!! I literally saw choreo to almost every song on the album. It was so inspiring. An album hasn’t touched me like this since Adele’s 21 album so I can’t wait to start creating to it.

I’ll probably post a video when I finally put something together so STAY TUNED!!!

Oh and SYTYCD comes on tomorrow!! TOP 20!! WHOOOP WHOOP!!! Who’s excited?? (secretly I’m still bummed that they didn’t do a “Meet The Top 20” episode ) I’m really excited to see who’s partnered up and the choreographer that each couple got.

Tomorrow can’t get here fast enough.

Anywho, Dance On my friends. Love you!


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