SYTYCD Top 20 Assessment

Opening: Yes! I loved the routine. The entire time I was watching it I was saying that this is so Sonya and it was!!!!

I’m really excited that the dancers are going to be in their own styles. It’s kinda like meet the top 20 but they’re actually competing ( I don’t know how I feel about that part) I’m really happy that they’re doing this, because the dancers will be at their best because their doing their specific genre.

Brooklyn and Serj : Cha cha. SOOOO HOT!!! These two set it OFF!! I don’t know that much about ballroom, but I’m not going to lie, it was a slow start for me but it really grew. I think it was a fine opening to show.

Ok seriously! How long are they going to show this damn Degree commercial?

Emily and Casey: Contemporary. TRAVIS WALL!!!! I literally have chills. First of all, let’s talk about the song they danced to; All of my by (minister of music. LOL) John Legend. It was perfect. Ok now the dancing. The partnering was really difficult and absolutely stunning. Casey is definitely someone to watch. His strength in this routine was admirable and his technique is WONDERFUL (those pirouettes that he just stopped. GORG) And Ms. Emily, HALLELUJAH, that child of God gave me MY LIFE! Those legs… just beautiful. These two meshed so well together. Good God I thoroughly enjoyed that routine. Bravo Travis. Bravo

Valerie and Zach: Tap. I’m so excited to see tappers in the top 20 again. Before Aaron last season tappers never made it far on the show so I’m excited for these two. I really hope they go far. Anywho, this routine was so much fun. I don’t know anything about tap but I know it’s supposed to sound in sync and this definitely did!! Amazing! And I LOVEEEEEE Valerie’s red Tap shoes.

Bridget and Stanley: Contemporary. I’m so glad Bonnie Story is back. I loved her group routine last season. These two…..WOW! First of all the choreo was spectacular and I loved how balletic it was. You don’t normally see a lot of contemporary routines (I don’t ever do it like that) all the time so it was refreshing to see it done in that way. Secondly, Stanley’s elevation was EVERYTHING! What type of plié does he do before jumping so high and where can I buy one? He’s magnificent. Another great routine. I don’t know how long I can take this. How am I supposed to be ok with someone leaving when I love them all?

Jacque and Jourdan: Ballet. Classical ballet? YES PLEASE! I really enjoyed this routine and it was great to see two ballerinas command the stage. I’m going to have to rewatch this routine and really pick through it. Ballet is probably my weakest area so a round of applause for them for even being to get through that routine! RESPECT!

Marlene and Marcquet: Samba. WOW!!!!!! Like…..WOW!!! Amazing! To me the couples so far have seemed really nervous at the beginning of their routines and after they get into the groove they warm up and deliver. That was not the case for these two. From the very start they just attacked it head on! It was sexy and full of power and strength.

Carly and Rudy: Contemporary. Gosh, I just love Stacy’s choreo so much. This routine was danced so beautifully. It was seamless was just floated. I’m not too familiar with Carly, but I’ve liked Rudy since seeing his audition so it was great to see him dance on the SYTYCD stage.
Emilio and Teddy: Hip Hop. I liked how smooth this routine was. I really like both of these guys and I hope they go far. The only thing about it is I wasn’t jumping out of my seat with this routine, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I personally don’t think this routine will be remembered like the other ones. I still liked it though  I may have to watch this one again because my opinion may change. I was a little distracted while watching this one so I wasn’t giving it my full attention.

Jessica and Ricky: Contemporary. These two and Sonya? Help me Jesus! They were BRILLIANT! I’m….Like…..whaa……I have chills. Are you kidding me? That was GORGEOUS!!! They were EVERYTHING! I can’t even….I’m unable. That was mesmerizing!! It was so stunning to watch. Easily my favorite routine of the night.

Tanisha and Nick: Cha Cha. I really really like these two. I definitely think some of these girls need to watch out for Tanisha. Don’t sleep on her. Anywho, this routine was FIREEEEEEE!!!!! Their chemistry was so obvious!!! YES! YES! YES! *cue Mary Murphy scream*

I really enjoyed this episode. All of the dancers did an amazing job. I’m definitely going to have to re-watch this episode because it was SOOOOOOO good. I can’t wait to see Sonya’s piece again. So amazing!!! Also, I really don’t know how they are going to choose who goes home. They were all so fabulous!! Misty Copeland is guest judging next week!? Omg YESSSSSSSSSSSS
Same time next week?!!? Ok see you then!


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