SYTYCD assessment

I’ve finally gotten around to doing my assessment of this week’s episode of SYTYCD.

As I stated in a previous post the entire show was very underwhelming. It just wasn’t a great week in my opinion. I don’t think that any of the routines (duets) were great, there were some really good and alright ones and then there were others that I just wanted to end.

Ok so before I get into the individual routines let me just say how much I loved the opening number. I thought it was great to see Broadway represented so strongly on the show. The routine was crisp, clean, fun, and thoroughly enjoyable. I loved that Rudy, Ricky, and Nick were kind of like the main men in it! They did a fantastic job. And another thing, I didn’t realize that Nick could dance like that, I was really impressed! I liked how the choreographer allowed the dancers a little “cameo” of them performing their style.  Favorite piece of the night…

Now the duets…I’m going to try to be brief..keyword:TRY

Tanisha and Rudy: I really liked this number. They danced it so well. I agree with judges, Sonya’s choreography makes her dancers look their best. I really like Tanisha! I think she is such a power house and I like her doing contemporary/jazz more than ballroom. Is that bad?! Anywho, I like this partnership and I hope they go far.

Valerie and Ricky: To be honest I didn’t care for this routine. Don’t get me wrong it was danced well, but I thought there was no need for Valerie. The routine was definitely catered to Ricky. There was a lift and some partner work here and there to give her a purpose but other than that…nope I think it’s going to be really difficult for her to be RIcky’s partner, because if he’s good at everything (which I think he will be) I think she will be constantly over looked and the judges will always give her crap for it. “oh valerie you need to step it up. You need to be on Ricky’s level…” blah blah blah I think it could possibly be her downfall and it could be the thing that sends her home.( it happened with Jessica and Will in season 4)  I hope I’m wrong though.

Bridget and Emilio: Ummmm…. I did not care for this. AT ALL! It didn’t have the swag and “buckness” that Luther Brown normally has in his routines. I mean look at the dance he choreographed for Witney and Twitch ( it’s beyond amazing. This dance….FLAT LINED! It was really hard to watch. What irked me more is that the judges just ate it up and I’m sitting there like WHAT DID YOU JUST WATCH?! Emilio did well (obviously because that’s his style) but Bridget…*drops mic. exits stage left* no comment.

Jessica and Nick: I kinda liked this routine. I do agree that Benji probably put too much hard stuff in there, but I don’t think it was as horrible as Nigel made it seem. I think they did the best they could seeing that they were completely out of their element. From a choreography standpoint I thought that Benji could have taken out some of the lifts and given them more time to execute the other lifts cleanly. I think it would have made the piece so much better. I agree that Jessica’s face was a little too much, but I would rather that than someone who is completely dead.

Carly and Serge: Sonya did a good job with this routine. I personally am tired of these cliche moves that every contemporary choreographer uses.  Anywho besides that I thought it was really nice. Their emotions were real, their connection and chemistry were great, and they danced to a song by an artist that I am currently obsessed. I was really pleased with this one.

Emily and Teddy: Yet another Hip hip number that I didn’t like. *sigh* I really like Dave Scott, but I didn’t really like this. To me it was better than Bridget and Emilio, but seeing how I felt about that routine that’s not saying much.

Malene and Stanley: WORST NUMBER OF THE NIGHT! Literally. I agree that it definitely looked like two different routines going on at the same time. I really didn’t like that they had the phones the entire time. Malene just walked around the stage (with the damn phone) battementing every now and then while serving us a Beyonce smokey eye (not enough to wow me) and Stanley just did jumps and leaps frantically for the entire piece. I was so happy when this was over because it was serious hard to watch. Spencer Liff has choreographed some sexy routines on the show ( and this was a serious let down. In my opinion if Stanley was in the bottom 3 he would have went home…

Sidenote: Oh and can Nigel PLEASEEEEEEE stop telling female contestants that their beauty is what got them through the rounds? To me it is so insulting and degrading, but hey that’s just me (and I’m not a woman so it’s not like he’ll ever be saying it to me)

Anywho moving right along…

Jourdan and Marcquet: Sean’s choreo is a hit or miss for me. This routine started off as a MISS and then the side by side synchronized part made it a HIT. Also, I liked the song, but it didn’t make sense with the story.

SIdenote: I’m loving Misty on the show. She’s so honest and she actually gives the dancers technical tips that can help them better themselves. I hate when they have these guest judges who just sit there and say how everyone is so good and that they don’t want to say anything mean…BISH WHET?! NO! That’s not what you’re here to do…

Casey and Brooklyn: I really liked this routine. I think they performed it really well. I thought Casey looked too young and boyish instead of strong and manly,but he still did really well. I would have just liked to see more Latin fire from him. Brooklyn was sensational. Such a good job

Jacque and Zack: FAVORITE!!! Seriously my favorite routine of the night (second to the opening of course) As I said before with Sean Cheesman it’s either a HIT or a MISS and this my friends was a HIT!!! They wrecked this! SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!! I was so proud of the both of them!!

Eliminations: I actually saw who went home (accidentally) when I was on Twitter late that night after the show but that’s irrelevant. I’m not surprised to see Marlene go considering her routine tonight. I was really sad to see Nick go,but it was obvious that he was going home, because of how highly the judges talked about Serg and Casey after their routines. He was just unlucky to be up against them. It sucks but it happens

Alright! PHEW! I’m done. I hope y’all enjoyed my assessment. I’m going to get my life together and post this sooner next week!

Y’all have a good one. DANCE ON!



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