SYTYCD Top 16 Assessment

Opening: AMAZING! Mandy slayed for THE GODS. I was watching this routine in awe. The choreo was sensational. I can’t even count how many times I have watched this piece. SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!! Teddy and Ricky stood out like sore thumbs in this routine. They were fantastic!

Ricky and Valerie: Bollywood. It was so energetic and full on from start to finish. I was really impressed with these two because Bollywood is not easy stuff (even though you are supposed to make it look effortless) And again, VALERIE LOOKED AMAZING!!

Bridget and Emilio: Contemporary. These two really surprised me. WOW! They were beyond. And Emilio…who are you? That arabesque ponche’ that he did was fantastic (and he did it AGAIN. Like…I can’t) Bridget…that honey boo boo child was my ENTIRE LIFE. I loved how they just weaved through the beg frame. Amazing job by Travis Wall.

Tanisha and Rudy: Hip Hop. I really like Tanisha but I never seem to watch her when she’s dancing with Rudy. The dude literally commands attention and this piece was no different. He was phenomenal. She was great too (well..the parts that I saw) and she looked HOT!!! In my opinion this was the best Hip Hop routine that they’ve had so far this season. Hip Hop has been kind of dead so Dave definitely brought it back to life.

Jessica and Marcquet: Foxtrot. This routine didn’t seem smooth. To me the foxtrot should be smooth and should glide across the floor and in my opinion this didn’t. Marcquet was off balance and looked stiff and uncomfortable. I think Dmitry did a great job with the choreography but it wasn’t executed well. On a positive note, Jessica looked beautiful and Marcquet looked good in his solo parts (that’s still not enough though)

Serg and Carly: Contemporary. This routine was fantastic. I absolutely loved the choreo. Mandy Moore is simply amazing. I really love these two as partners. I think they have amazing chemistry and they dance so well together. I thought it was kind of “unfair” that they got contemporary again considering that they had it a couple of weeks ago but meh..who cares. They’re fabulous!

Emily and Teddy: Salsa. Ok can I just  start by saying how excited I am by the music they used, because it’s a Soca song from my native country of Trinidad and Tobago (REPRESENT!) Anywho let’s talk about the dancing; I thought that they were pretty good. it was really entertaining to watch, but I agree with the judges that some parts of it looked a little bit awkward. I commend Emily for being able to dance so well after just recently dislocating her shoulder. It just shows the strength and determination that is needed to be a dancer.

Zach and Jacque: Jazz. I LOVE the shapes that Sonya makes in her pieces. She has such a unique way of doing things and I hope that one day my choreography has a uniqueness like Sonya’s has. It’s not just Jazz or Contemporary when she does it, it’s Sonya jazz or Sonya Contemp and I love that. Also, I love how Misty gives technical notes. These are the things that the dancers need to hear. They sometimes have people on the show who can’t give proper critiques because they don’t know anything about dance, so I like the wisdom and expertise that she brings to the panel. Also, Misty is so hard on the girls (which is great) and she totally favors the guys. I agree that the guys are stronger and probably more liked than the girls. AND ANOTHER THING… I am totally in love with this song. I was watching them dance and just stopped and screamed “IS THAT BEYONCE?” After they finished dancing I immediately YouTubed the song and now I’m OBSESSED with it. Oh and I liked the routine. I think I should mention that.

Brooklyn and Casey: Hip Hop. WillDaBeast on the show is so exciting. I’ve seen some of his work on YouTube and he is fantastic. Unfortunately I don’t think that his “fantasticness” transferred into this routine. I think this would have looked good on him and his dancers but it didn’t look good on these two. It was just ok to me. And what the HELL were they wearing? I just didn’t like it that much.

Sonya Group: I have no words…Sonya…AMAZING. Tanisha…SENSATIONAL! I literally can’t believe my eyes. Sonya you are a genius. And that is an understatement. Seriously though, Tanisha was like the principle of that piece and it was a great casting choice on Sonya’s part. That girl…as I’ve said before…is a DARK HORSE!!!! They all danced with such passion and it showed how much doing this piece touched them all. Sonya you are BEYOND!!!!! AHHHHH-MAZING!!!! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched this piece.

Travis Group: What’s going on tonight? Like really… THIS WAS….I’M YELLING!!!!! RICKY…MY GOD!!! RUDY…MY GOD!!!! What is life? The choreo was…EVERYTHING!!! This is by far my favorite routine of the season. It was full on, fun and danced so stunningly. (The only reason this is my favorite instead of Sonya’s is because this one was a lot more fun and exciting and hers was really emotional and sad) If these two don’t get Emmy nominations for this I’m going to lose it.

(I’m ignoring the guest performance because I’m pretending like it didn’t happen. Sorry not sorry)

Eliminations: I liked Marcquet and Brooklyn, but seeing who they were up against it didn’t surprise me that they went home. It sucks that 4 people have to go home next week. I bet it’s because of the number of shows that they’re allowed to do in a season. In my opinion that could have been prevented if they had just done one less audition city. I really don’t want this show to get cancelled, but they do stupid stuff like that and it upsets they’re viewers. Please get it together. I love this show too much to see it go.

Anywho, I think that this was the best show that they’ve had this season (where the dancers actually competed) Most of the routines were strong none of them were terrible so I would say it was a pretty successful week. Bravo to them.

Alright well that’s it for me. I hope that you enjoyed my assessment. I will post my experience from seeing the Dance Theatre of Harlem sometime soon (hopefully by tomorrow)
Also, have a great National Dance Day tomorrow!!!! I hope I get a chance to dance. I need it.
Enjoy your weekend and keep on dancing. Love you guys!


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