Friday inspiration

Inspiration can come from anywhere. As dancers and choreographers we can be inspired from our own personal experiences to the way the breeze blows a leaf on a windy day. Today, I was inspired by watching another person’s choreography. It wasn’t even a fully developed piece, it was more like a preview to a showcase that they have coming up. There were small 10 secondish excerpts of the work along with testimonials from the dancers participating in the project. It moved me.The little pieces that I saw were REALLY fantastic.The way the dancers moved and told the story was so fascinating. 

After stalking the choreographer on YouTube for a bit and rewatching the preview about two more times I started thinking. I was intrigued by the use of props in the preview that I came up with an idea for my own piece that I plan on choreographing this coming semester. Before today I was really unsure of how many dancers I wanted to cast in this new piece, and after this ‘experience’ I’m still not 100% but I’m really leaning towards 5 dancers (3 girls ad 2 guys). I want there to be two couples and one solo female. 

One of the things that really stood out to me in this preview was a part where a guy danced with this long piece of fabric attached to this waist. He started off running in a circle and the fabric just billowed behind him. It was breathtaking. I thought about how I can incorporate something like that into my new work and I realized that I could do something similar to that with the solo female dancer. After reaching that realization I played the piece of music that I want to use and as soon as it began I just started envisioning it. It was beautiful! I almost freaking cried (I was at work at the time so I told myself to man up and keep it together :P) I saw the movement that I had planned for the couples to do and then the solo figure commanding the space together and I was speechless. I immediately thanked God for such a wonderful vision, grabbed my notebook, and wrote what I saw down. I could barely put it into words.

A little time passed and I finally started calming down. I thought that I was done being inspired for the time being, but I was sooooooooooo wrong. As I continued my (healthy, non creepy) stalking of this choreographer I came across a class that they taught awhile back. The music that she used for the combo spoke to me (sounds weird…I know) but it also sounded familiar. I plugged the song name into YouTube and sure enough a video from SYTYCD popped up. It was a piece by Stacy Tookey and it was danced by Melanie and Sasha (I know y’all know which one I’m talking about. Don’t play with me. LOL) I immediately downloaded the song which is called ‘Heart Asks Pleasure First’ and melted as I listened to it. At first I was just going to use it for a combo in contemporary next week, but as I listened to it more and more I couldn’t help but see a dance performed to it.

So after all that I’ve decided to use both the song I already had and this new one for my piece. I am so ready to do this. I am so inspired and motivated that I want to get started now, but school doesn’t start for about a month -____- *sigh* I guess I will start coming up with choreo and figuring out some other stuff. I never thought that I would have been inspired like this today. It was an unexpected yet pleasant surprise. All i can do is thank God and this choreographer (who I may never even meet) for touching me and inspiring me. I am so blessed.

I just really wanted to share that with you all. It feels so great to be inspired even if it was to something like a preview. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Friday (even though it really feels like a Saturday to me) and I hope that my story has in some way inspired you.



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