SYTYCD Top 10 Assessment

Hello everyone! Welcome to another one of my riveting discussions about this week’s SYTYCD. Let’s start from the top shall we?

Opening: I didn’t like this opening. I just didn’t get it. I didn’t get the point of the rope; I didn’t care for the costumes, or the chairs. I just….didn’t like it. Well, I liked the very beginning with the three girls (they were slaying) and I liked Zach in this. He stood out to me for some reason. Oh, and I liked the song!

Bridget and Brandon: Bollywood/Disco. This routine wasn’t as fun, exciting and sharp as Bollywood normally is on the show. It looked really forced. Normally, Bollywood is something that gets me so excited that I can’t sit still, but this one was just blah to me.

Tanisha and Ryan: Argentine Tango. Argentine Tango is one of my favorite Latin ballroom styles. It is so sexy and intricate and these two did an amazing job. First of all they are both ballroom dancers, which was a plus. Then you have Tanisha, who in my opinion is the girl beast of the season. And finally, Ryan of course was fantastic (I mean he’s an all-star) so it was pretty much perfect from start to finish.

Emilio and Jasmine: Hip Hop. Oh Jasmine, how I’ve missed thee. And NappyTabs…WELCOME BACK!! This was by far the best Hip Hop number of the season. Hip Hop has been so dead this season and this routine was great. I always enjoyed watching Jasmine do Hip Hop because she’s so good at it. It’s not even her style but she SLAYS every time. These two were phenomenal!! AND can we please talk about the amazing chair tutting (I don’t know if I spelled that right) section? They killed it! Bravo to these two and to NappyTabs. We’ve missed you

Valerie and Ade: Jazz. Hated it. The choreography by Tyce was brilliant but it was executed poorly. I know that’s harsh, but I don’t care. I expected so much more from Valerie. The entire dance I was at the edge of my seat waiting for her fire to ignite, but it just stayed dim, VERY DIM! There was a part where she was either supposed to slap him or pretend to slap him and it looked like she was trying to swat a fly. There was no passion, no AHHHHHHHHHHHH, no attack. You could tell that Tyce was disappointed by the look on his face and I don’t even think he stood up. Like seriously, it was bad! On a positive note, Valerie looked amazing and I really liked the song!

Rudy and Jenna: Cha Cha. FIRE!!!!!!!!! This was fantastic. Rudy just never ceases to amaze me. In my eyes he has done no wrong so far in the competition. Every week he just delivers!! Also, seeing Jenna again was such a treat. I loved her last season. I disagree with Nigel because I think Rudy playing up the audience and the camera is exactly what needed to happen. It makes it exciting and the audience is drawn in. Sometimes I think Nigel just says things to hear himself talk. He contradicts himself ALL THE TIME! It’s so annoying. He will say he loves something one week and then next week he hates it and sends someone home for it. WITCHCRAFT!

Jacque and Chehon: Contemporary Ballet. I have been waiting for this moment for so long. Contemporary Ballet on SYTYCD? Choreographed by Sir Travis Wall? (I knighted him) YES GAWD!!! This entire routine was just complete SERVICE. They were beautiful and elegant. Personally I don’t think routine would have worked if it wasn’t for Chehon’s strength. Also, at some parts it didn’t seem like Jacque was completely over her box. Some of the lifts looked like work, so it seemed at times that she didn’t fully trust him. Whatever. Other than that it was gorgeous. A round of applause for Travis and this couple.

Ricky and Lauren: Jazz. Didn’t like it. Nope. Not at all. I love Ricky and I’ve missed seeing Lauren dance, but I didn’t care for this routine. They danced to the best of their ability and with the steps they were given, but I just didn’t like the choreo. It wasn’t Mandy Moore’s best.

Casey and Kathryn: Broadway. Great choreography by Spencer Liff. This genre of dance suits Casey perfectly. The grand reneverse into the pirouettes was just perfection. This was a really great routine to watch. They both had such musicality and there was a sharpness that I love to see in Broadway routines!! Great stuff!

Jessica and Twitch: Hip Hop. I have seriously missed NappyTabs. In their first week back on the show they’ve produced the two best Hip Hop routines of the season. What is life? Ok, now the dancing. To be honest Jessica surprised the crap out of me. I was definitely expecting this to flop, but it didn’t. She was on fire. I have to admit the first time I watched it Twitch kept my attention, but this second time I made it a point to watch Jessica and I’m so glad I did. The fire that Jessica danced with is the same fire that Valerie needed in her routine to make it gold.

Zach and Amy: Contemporary. Sonya Tayeh! My goodness this was amazing. Zach has always been one to watch in my eyes, because he delivers hot plates of LIFE every week, but this week…child let me tell you, he took off with this competition. He was passing out hot plates of life to every man, woman, boy and girl. He’s giving these people a run for their money. Zach is the type of guy that can challenge everyone’s favorite, Ricky, to win this season. The music was superb, the movement was superb, and they danced beautifully. This was just MASTERFUL! Sonya Tayeh is….She just IS!! AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW SHE IS GOING TO BE CHOREOGRAPHING FOR MARTHA GRAHAM’S COMPANY??? SONYA!!!! I was close to tears. As soon as Nigel said that I just ran. My friends were like “what….what’s going on? Is that good?” I had to explain to them how absolutely important the news that Nigel just announced was. (I don’t know how articulate I was at the time, but they said they understood so that’s good)

Eliminations: If Jacque or Zach would have gone home I would have protested. After the night they had they definitely deserved to stay. I’m proud of Emilio, but I wasn’t sad seeing him go because it saved Zach. I personally wanted Casey to go home because he was saved last week instead of Teddy (NO, I’m still not over that. Judge me all you want. Teddy was AMAZING!)

I am so ready for next week. If I had one wish Mia Michaels would come back next week and there would be a group routine choreographed by two people, like they did last season. Technically those were two wishes, but meh who’s counting?

Until next week my friends.

PS: stayed tuned because I will be posted videos from yesterday’s contemporary modern class!! It was AHHHHHHHHHHHMAZING!!


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