Audition week

Yesterday auditions for the Repertory Dance company at my school was held. Even though I’m technically already on it I still treated yesterday as an audition. The directors of the program haven’t seen me dance since late April early May so I had to show them that I actually improved over the summer. I’m so excited for this semester because she have such a unique group of dancers. Also, I believe that this is the first time in a while that there are mostly new members on the company.

Today are auditions for the dance concert that is held closer to the end of the semester. Monday I was invited to be a senior choreographer, which are the people who choreograph half of the dance concert. I was already planning on doing an independent study piece (which are not guaranteed to make the concert) but since I’m a senior choreographer if my piece is ready by concert time (which it should be) it will be in the concert!!! It’s such an honor to be able to do another piece for the concert. Not a lot of people can say that this has happened to them here so I’m so humbled by the opportunity.

I’ve already been brainstorming ideas for my piece and yesterday when I was watching SYTYCD videos on YouTube (like I do all the time #NOLIFE) I saw this duet danced by Katee and Will from season 4 and I remember who much I loved it. Watching it inspired me so much, because I want to do a similar pas de deux at the beginning of my piece. Watch this and receive your entire existence. (choreography by Dwight Rhoden)

Anywho, I wish all the dancers auditioning today the best of luck. I literally can’t wait to see who comes out to show us what they’ve got!

Last but not least, SYTYCD is tonight!! The top 4 hit the stage and I just can’t wait to see what they produce (Travis Wall choreographed a routine for them. #excited) It’s bound to be a damn good show! I will try my best to post my assessment by tomorrow so STAY TUNED for that.

Have a blessed day everyone!


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