SYTYCD top 4 assessment

I can’t believe that it’s already finale time. In my opinion this season has had its ups and downs. I’ve absolutely loved it at times and completely despised it at others. I am actually really proud of the top 4, because they each have come a long way. They have all grown so much.

Ok now to the show.

Opening: That was probably the most beautiful routine of the season and maybe the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever seen. Absolutely incredible. There was not one weak link. They worked as a cohesive unit to deliver this spectacular routine. It was probably my favorite routine of the season. Maybe. It’s debatable. Definitely top 5. I would be set if I became just half of the choreographer that Travis Wall is.

Valerie and Ricky: African Jazz. First of all I loved the choreography (really enjoyed it) and I’m obsessed with the ending pose. Sean Cheeseman did an amazing job with this routine. I thought that it was performed relatively well, but I thought that Valerie looked kind of tired. Now I know that this routine take a lot out of you, but it looked to me like she was tired from the very beginning. It was all in her face.

Jessica and Zach: Broadway. Spectacular stuff! Like seriously! Jessica looked absolutely stunning in that red dress. I’m in love. I thoroughly enjoyed the both of them. Normally my eyes would have been drawn to Zach, but I have to admit that they both had my eye throughout the routine. They did such an amazing job bringing this choreography to life.

Zach and Valerie: Contemporary. I have loved Pearls by India Arie since my freshman year of college (I’m a senior now) and to see choreography like this to this song was an experience I can’t begin to explain. This song means so much to me because this is the first song that my best friend and I every choreographed together. It was the beginning of our beautiful friendship. Tyce did such a great job with these two. I am so impressed with Valerie, because I imagine that playing that type of character wasn’t easy. Props to her. Oh, and let’s not forget the BEAST that is Zach!! AMAZING!

Jessica and Ricky: Jazz. These two were born to dance together. It just seems like magic happens every time they’re on stage together. First Sonya

and now this. I loved the costumes, I loved the choreography, and I LOVED these two. Fantastic job from the both of them. I think Ray needed a routine like this after the atrocity that was last week.

[videos courtesy of FOX] I’m still trying to block that out of my mind.

“Ricky, some people are comfortable in sweatpants having a bucket of popcorn, you are the most comfortable in a full ponche.” Favorite line of the night

Jessica and Valerie: Bollywood. These two look INCREDIBLE!! I don’t know anything about Bollywood so I can’t comment on it technically, but I can say that this routine made me feel good. This is the first time I just sat back and didn’t over analyze everything they did.

“…it calls for an ungreasy forehead so your jewels stayed glued on.” These one-liners are killing me!!

Zach and Ricky: Hip Hop. Even in the rehearsal videos Zach gives me life. Seriously, the kid is incredible. Ok after watching this routine one of these guys has to win. That was freaking epic!! This is completely outside of both of their genres and they nailed it. It was spectacular to watch!! I am so proud of these two.

Valerie and Aaron: Tap. Loved every single second of it. It was so theatrical, musical, and a lot of damn fun! Nigel said it best, this routine fit the music perfectly.

I really wasn’t going to comment on the solos, but Ricky just blessed my soul. He is such an incredible dancer and that is the understatement of 2014. Lovely.

Ricky and Katherine: Contemporary. This was the match up from heaven (Ricky, Katherine, and Stacy) Words cannot describe…I’m completely speechless. This was unreal!

(Not to spoil the mood, but Ricky is an ugly crier. LOL)

“Hey Ricky you’re so great if you were older we would date!” OMG JTF has me dying. Like whyyyyyy?? Who says that?

Zach and Aaron: Tap. STAHHHHHPPP the madness. What is going on tonight? Every single routine, including this one, has been spot on. This was such an incredible moment. I loved the musicality of the routine. It looked effortless. Zach and Aaron are the dream team.

Side note:Nigel really needs to stop trying to be funny, because he always says it wrong and it is always so damn awkward.

Jessica and Robert: Contemporary. I sitting here staring at my computer screen WIDE EYED! The visceral reaction that Jessica had as Robert touched her messed me up. Like…*drops mic* I’m done.

Zach’s flashback package and solo messed me up. He has seriously become my favorite. He is absolutely incredible.

I really think that they all did a fantastic job this week, but I want to see one of the guys win. I can’t wait until next week to see what happens. I’m excited to see the top 20 back on the same stage.

During the finale they always redo their favorite routines of the season so I think I am going to generate a list and post my top 10 routines from this season. Stay tuned for that.
Until next week friends!


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