SYTYCD finale assessment

I finally got around to watching the SYTYCD finale. It was a really good one.

First off, I really loved the opening. I thought it was exciting and energetic. It was great to see the entire top 20 on stage together again.

Side note: Did anyone else see Stanley fall?! It was really sad.

One thing I love about the finale is that they literally show the best routines of the season. In my opinion this has been a really rough season. There really hasn’t been that many standout routines, but it was nice seeing pretty much all the routines that caught my eye over the course of the season.

Highlights of the night:
1. Michael Dameski from Sytycd Australia was complete service. Believe when I say that I was yelling during his solo. Oh, and those fouettés into the fall at the end had me RUNNING!!! I can see why he won the show and why the video of his solo (which I’ve watched a million times) went viral. The dude is unreal. What makes me sick is that he’s only like 18 yrs old. COMPLETE INSANITY.
2. Seeing Zach perform Sonya’s piece again was magical. This piece really resonated with me. I was already a fan of Zach’s before this piece, but this skyrocketed him to the top of my list. It will definitely be on my top 10 routines of this season.
3. LES TWINS!!! Need I say more?
4. Ricky and Jessica performing the Vow again was perfect. I almost cried watching this the first time because it was just so beautiful. These two worked amazingly with each other and Sonya produced some of the best choreo I have ever seen her do. The only “critique” that I have about this performance, meaning the finale version, is that at times it didn’t seem like Jessica was as into it as she was when they first performed it. Maybe she was tired or something, but I just didn’t feel the passion from her this time as I did Ricky.
5. Chris and Sonya’s piece…they are really the dream team. It was the perfect balance of hip hop, b-boying and contemporary. It was just perfect. Also, seeing some of my past favs like Marko, Will, Dominic, and Robert was a treat.

Zach getting fourth makes me so upset. First of all it’s a HUGE surprise because I expected him to place higher, but to be honest I’m happy for every single one of them. Say what you want about them but they’ve all worked extremely hard and they should all be proud of themselves. With that being said I STILL think that Zach should have been top 2 but whatever. ( I think I just totally contradicted myself. Fix it Jesus)

I’m so happy for Ricky. It was a well deserved win. I’m also so happy that Valerie got runner up, because that makes 2 years in a row that a tapper has been in the final 2. I’m not even going to lie, the last few moment of the show really made me emotional because on one hand I was super happy for Ricky and on the other hand I really wanted to be there. Not necessarily the winner but a contestant on the show in that moment. I want to be on this show so badly but I know that I have a lot of work to do. I try my best to be patient, because training is a long journey but I get discouraged so easily and I’m still working on that. I am surrounded by such amazing dancers who inspire me every single day and I also literally have the two best teachers anyone can ever ask for, so there is no reason why I shouldn’t be there in a couple of years right?!

Ok, enough about me. I really enjoyed the finale and I’m really going to miss watching this show and posted my assessments every week. What I think I’ll do is post a throw back sytycd every Wednesday to take the place of the show being done for this season. I’m really excited for it so if you have any suggestions of routines from past seasons that you want to see on Wednesdays just let me know. It has been so amazing assessing this season and I thank you all so much for liking and commenting on my posts. I really appreciate it.

Stay tuned, because tomorrow I will post my yasss of the week along with what’s been going on in my dance life.

Dance on peeps.

 sonya chris


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