Tours galore and many more!

Hey everyone. First and foremost I want to say Happy World Ballet Day!!! I’m not really sure if it was yesterday or today (I’m hearing two different things) but HAPPY WORLD BALLET DAY ANYWAY! I want to send a special shout out to all of my ballerinas, ballerinos, ballet moms and dads, ballet teachers, and ballet enthusiasts out there.

Ballet was not my first love. To be honest it wasn’t even my second or third love, but over the past year and half I have grown to love it. Since I started dancing really late I’ve had to play the catch up game, so it is wonderful to be challenged and pushed to my limit every time I take class. Ballet is no where near easy and I have a lot of work to do, but I am thankful for my teachers who continue to push and encourage me and for the progress that I have recently made.

Before I go on I want to give a huge shout out to my teachers Katie Parr Smith and Heather Samuelson!! Love you both and thank you for all you’ve done!

Erin me sleep
Erin Taylor (one of my favorite partners ever) in Act 2 of Coppelia this past May. (photo taken from Erin’s Instagram)
Erin and I performing the Grand pas de deux in Act 3 of Coppelia

So if you all didn’t know there’s some majoring touring going on right now. If you watch So You Think You Can Dance, which I hope you do, you know that after every season the top 10 along with some extras go on a HUGE nation wide tour. Well, the tour started yesterday in New Orleans. I WANT TO GO SO BADLY! I mean I spent hours watching and blogging about the season and I spent even more time rewatching them on YouTube so it’s only fitting that I go to the tour right? The tour is going to be in Texas this upcoming weekend. It starts off in Grand Prairie TOMORROW Oct. 3rd, then it goes to Houston on October 4th, Austin the next day on Oct. 5th and it’s last stop in Texas is on Monday Oct. 6th in San Antonio. I can’t go and it KILLS me!! Literally. I looked through the tour schedule to see if they possibly came back to Texas, but they don’t so I’m just going to cry myself to sleep. I went to the show in Grand Prairie last year and it was amazing. I can’t believe I’m missing it. Whoa is my life.

If you go you have to tell me how it was. Seriously. I will live vicariously through you.

Ricky and Jessica serving ALL the life on the tour in New Orleans
Ricky and Jessica serving ALL the life on the tour in New Orleans (photo taken from Ricky Ubeda’s Instagram)

For more information on the SYTYCD tour click the link below.

Another amazing tour starting soon is Travis Wall’s amazing company Shaping Sound. Ok so I WANT TO GO TO THIS TOUR! I would be in the audience yelling for my entire Trinidadian American Christian LIFE! I know this show will be absolutely amazing because this company has gathered some spectacular dancers and choreographers. I would be no good seeing this tour, just running up and down the aisle hollering. I was really planning on treating myself and going to this tour when it come to Texas this month, but the weekend that they’re going to be here is the same weekend that the dance company has a guest artist coming in. Fortunately, Shaping Sound is coming back to Texas on January 28th in Fort Worth, so I’m hoping to be front and center with my tissue and tambourine. YES LORD!

For more information on the Shaping Sound tour click the link below.

30 day challenge update

So it’s been almost 2 weeks since I decided to go on a 30 no fast food challenge and I have to say that I’ve been successful so far. Don’t get me wrong I’ve gotten urges. Today, on two separate occasions, I saw people with Whataburger. I swore The Lord was speaking to me, but I believe that it was only a test. I did not falter I just held my breath and walked away briskly. I know I promised I would post a video diary, with a guest, of my journey, but it’s been a HELL of a 2 weeks (I’ve been so busy) so I haven’t had time. It’s coming soon just stay tuned.

Well that’s all I have for ya! Y’all have a blessed one.

Dance on friends



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