Song of the week

Hey everyone!

It’s Tuesday so I have another great song for you all to listen to and or dance to. I chose this particular song for this week, because it was used in my one of my favorite modern dance combos. When I took my first modern class during my sophomore year, my teacher Heather Samuelson used this song for our final skills test. I LOVED IT! To this day I still can’t get over it. I really believe that taking Heather’s class and being able to do this combo is what made me fall in love with modern dance. The combo challenged me and brought something out in me that I never knew existed.

I didn’t randomly choose this song out of no where. Yesterday in Heather’s contemporary class, she used this song as we were going across the floor and it brought back so many memories. It took me back to that little ole sophomore Keith just discovering modern. Oh the nostalgia! Anywho, after belting this song  out in class (beautifully I might add) my friend Stephanie and I decided that we would choreograph a little combo to this song and post it on here so stay tuned for that.

Hope you all enjoy this song.

Have a beautiful and blessed Tuesday.



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