Yasss of the week

http://mobile.nytimes.com/2014/11/30/arts/dance/ailey-companys-linda-celeste-sims-thrives-hard-on-work.html?referrer= Everyone read this beautifully written article over Ailey company member Linda Celeste Sims!! It’s so inspiring. If you’re a dancer you definitely have to read this!!! I made this my Yasss of the week because, I mean it’s Ailey (my favorite company) and Linda Celeste Sims (my favorite Ailey dancer). It’s perfect. Enjoy! Keith… Read More Yasss of the week


Hey everyone, Since today is “Throwback Thursday” I wanted to start a new weekly thing called Throwback So You Think You Can Dance. Each week I will select a video from a past season of SYTYCD and post it as a “throwback” video of the week. This week I have selected a dance from season 4… Read More TBSYTYCD

Dancer DO eat

For people who don’t think dancers eat or think that we only eat grass, watch this video. The dancers in this video are from the New York City Ballet and everything that they say in this video is 100% accurate. Dancers eat EVERYTHING!!! Don’t be fooled. Hope you all enjoy it