Happy Holidays and happy TBSYTYCD

Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope that you all enjoy this time with your friends and family. I also pray fro peace for the people who are unable to be with their families during this time.

Today is Thursday so I’m bringing back throw back So You Think You Can Dance (TBSYTYCD) which is when I discuss and post a video(s) from past seasons of SYTYCD. This week I’ve chosen a choreographer who no longer choreographs for the show but was someone I idolized as a child (let’s be real I still do). Wade Robson is one my favorite choreographers because his choreography is so unconventional, unique, and intricate. He comes up with the most amazing concepts for his pieces and he executes them in a way that other choreographers don’t. I’m really hoping he comes back to the show (probably not going to happen) because I really miss watching his choreography. I also hope that I get to work with him someday either taking a class, collaborating with him, or being one of his dancers. That would be a DREAM!!!! I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

Anywho, for this week’s TBSYTYCD I’ve chosen five of my favorite Wade Robsen pieces from seasons 3-.7 (They just happened to be from different seasons and those seasons just happened to be consecutive)

From season 3 this is a top 20 routine. I loved this piece so much. I loved how stylized the movement was, the costumes and of course the music. I really loved the beginning of the piece how as the dancers changed their focus the camera angle changed. GENIUS! This is Put you hands where my eyes can see. ENJOY!

From season 4 this AHH-MAZING routine was also performed by the top 20. In this piece the dancers kidnap the head judge Nigel Lithgoe. I loved how the piece starts off looking like the show isn’t ready and the dancing kind of comes out of nowhere. ENJOY this Pop Jazz piece called Cobrastyle and check out some of the most famous SYTYCD alums like Twitch, Comfort and Mark looking like young-ins in their season.

This routine from season 5 was absolutely brilliant. I love how the girls were all different characters and each character had a different movement quality. This one is easily one of my favorites. This is So Much Betta. LOVE THIS WITH ME!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-HA!!! Freaking Brilliant!!! ANDDDD it contained two of my favorite SYTYCD dancers of all time Ellenore and Jakob.  That is all. Enjoy! The intricacies of this piece are BEYOND! Wade you’re a damn genius.

Ok, last one. This one is from one of my favorite seasons of SYTYCD. It is probably my favorite Wade Robsen routine ever. It’s perfect. The movement is spectacular and it contains season 7 contestants and the all stars. What’s better than that?! NOTHING! Enjoy the brilliance that is FAME!

So I lied! That wasn’t the last one. I realized that I couldn’t end this post without posting one of Wade’s pieces that has gone down in history as one of the most amazing group pieces that the show has ever had. I’ve had a lot of conversations with people who are either avid SYTYCD watchers, people who watch the show every now and then and people who used to watch the show and this piece almost always comes up. It’s remarkable. I’m obviously talking about RamaLama Bang Bang. YASSSSS!! ENJOY!

Oh yea and then there’s the time that Wade danced it with them.

Well I hope that everyone is having a great day enjoying great food, friends, and family. Personally I ate WAYY to much and now I’m slouching on the couch. I’m about to get up and do some ballet because this is ridiculous!!! Hahahah

Happy Holidays everyone!



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