Happy Monday!!

I read this online this morning and just had to share. It’s just some wise words to inspire you on this Monday!! Be blessed. 

1. Accept that challenges will always come your way. No one’s journey is going to be “plain sailing”.

2. Don’t only think about your destiny. Commit to trying something and create your own success.

3. Choose to take control of the helm of your life. Don’t let other people divert you from your path.

4. Expect to trip and fall, or to make some big mistakes. But don’t view it as failure – it’s the way we learn and grow.

5. Be adaptable, and flexible and willing to grow. You won’t go very far if you choose to never change.

6. Be generous to others; there’s enough to go around … But not just with your money – with your kindness and your time.

7. Remember that in life we usually reap what we have sown. Hence, think about the future as you live your life right now.

-online counseling college 


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